I’m still here, and big things are coming!

Hello, dear readers!  I want to apologize for the noticeable lack of posts recently.  I hope you’ve been surviving without your daily dose of Normal Cooking recipes!  However, the decrease in posts has a VERY EXCITING cause!  My wonderful husband (who is the brains behind this whole blogging operation) and I have been working to create a new and improved Normal Cooking site.  Unfortunately, we’ve experienced a whole stinkin’ lot few problems along the way.  Apparently transferring over a blog to a new site isn’t as easy as one might think.  But!  We are very close to being done, and it won’t be long before you get to see the bigger and better Normal Cooking!  As for now, any new posts I create will not be transferred over to the new site, so it seems silly to post them until that changes.  Just know that I am compiling LOTS AND LOTS of new recipes to be shared with all of you once the new site is up and running!

Hang in there, people!  It’s gonna be great!  Thank you for being patient!


10 thoughts on “I’m still here, and big things are coming!

  1. I’m. New to your site,but what I ‘ve seen it really is wonderful! Believe it are not I relax by reading recipes.Have a few books from the 1800’s! Thank you so mush for you & your husbands work!

  2. You won’t believe all the issues with transferring over the blog to self hosting! – from plug-ins not working with different software, to server hosts not being able to support all of your graphics causing site crashes! Some servers want $400-$500 per month to give you an unlimited graphic output and those blogs with lots of views have to have this expanded coverage or their site crashes continually! We have experienced it all over the past 3-4 months! I hope you are up and running soon, but don’t be surprised about a lot of glitches along the way!

  3. I just joined recently but really enjoying trying out some of your recipes…I have been married for 45 years but still love to try different things in the kitchen…love your blog and look forward to your new venture!!

    • Thanks so much for stopping by, Jimmie! Hopefully you can search around my blog and find lots of recipes to try out in the meantime while we are prepping the new site!

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